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Casual Visits Prices

  • School Days

    • 0-12 month FREE!
    • All children 1 YO and above $10.00
    • Adults $5.00 (includes complimentary tea/coffee or Water)

  • School Days Discounts

  • Meal entry deals

    • Entry + Kids Meal & Juice $15.00

  • Weekend & School Holidays

    • 0-12 month FREE!
    • All children 1 YO and above $14.00
    • Adults $5.00 (includes complimentary tea/coffee or Water)

  • Weekend & School Holidays Discounts

  • Meal entry deals

    • Entry + Kids Meal & Juice $20.00

  • Fun Party Package for $199 for 8 Children's (+$22.50 per extra child)

    • Fairy Bread
    • Popcorn
    • Cheese and Vegemite sandwiches
    • Jelly Cups
    • Cordial and Water
    • Lolly Bags and Ballons
    • Potato Crisps

  • Super Party Package for $279 for 8 Children's (+$28.50 per extra child)

    • Fairy Bread
    • Popcorn
    • Cheese and Vegemite sandwiches
    • Jelly Cups
    • Cordial and Water
    • Lolly Bags and Ballons
    • Potato Crisps


    • Chicken Nuggets
    • Mini Hotdogs
    • Hot Chips

  • Carnival Party Package for $299 for 8 Children's (+$31.50 per extra child)

    • Fairy Bread
    • Popcorn
    • Cheese and Vegemite sandwiches
    • Jelly Cups
    • Cordial and Water
    • Lolly Bags and Ballons
    • Potato Crisps


    • Chicken Nuggets
    • Mini Hotdogs
    • Hot Chips
    • Margarita Pizza
    • Jugs of Soft Drinks

  • Included in all Party Packages:

  • Exclusive use of themed Party Room

    • Princess Room
    • Fairy Room
    • Pirate Room
    • Superhero Room


    • Dedicated Party host for 1 hour
    • Carnival Kingdom Invitations
    • Party Wear
    • Unlimited Play
    • A return entry pass for Birthday Child
    • A table reserved for Parents (max 10)

  • Bandle Specials

  • Adult add-on Package $170

    • 20 drink vouchers for your adults guests (selected drink only)
    • 3 adult platters of your choice

    This includes the below selection

    Platter 1

    Morning/Afternoon tea Platter

    • Bluberry loaf
    • Butter cake loaf
    • Banana loaf

    $42 costs of individual platter

    Platter 2

    Hot cocktail finger food platter

    • Includes a selection of Spring Rolls, Party Pies and Wedges

    $42 costs of individual platter

    Platter 3

    Assorted platter of Ribbon Finger Sandwiches

    $40 costs of individual platter

  • Additional Adult Platters

  • Choose

    • WEDGES with sauces to share $35
    • HOT FOOD FAVOURITES: Mini vegetarian spring rolls, wedges and mini meat pies with sauce $49
    • TEA CAKE PLATTER: Mixture of Blueberry,Vanilla and Banana Tea Cakes $49

Carnival Kingdom Luni Mascot


We offer a tempting range of freshly made food and drink options to cater for every requirement.

Our Cafe is run by our friendly and professional staff, who will make sure you are well looked after during your visit.

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine.


To get the most fun out of your Carnival Kingdom experience we ask that you please take the time to read and understand the following rules of play.


Our rule around Bullying is the one imperative that means the most to us and the one rule we will monitor the most. Whether you are a child or an adult, no forms of bullying, anti-social or rough behaviour will be tolerated whilst at Carnival kingdom.

If you are identified to be displaying behaviour that is socially unacceptable, you will be given a warning with the expectation that you will adjust your behaviour. If you choose to ignore our warning, you will simply be asked to leave the premises. If you are asked to leave for unsociable behaviour no refunds will be issued.


Antisocial behaviour & offensive language, will not be tolerated in the playland at any time. Warnings for these kind of behaviour will only be issued once before offenders are asked to leave the playland if the warnings are ignored.


For the safety and convenience of all guests, customers are not allowed to move furniture within the playland. If at any time you require additional tables or chairs, please make our staff aware of your requirements and they will accommodate where possible.


Children must be supervised at all times by their parents or responsible adult accompanying them. Carnival Kingdom does not accept responsibility for child supervision whilst on our premises or using the equipment. Whilst we have made every effort to ensure your children enjoy our safe and secure facilities, the ultimate responsibility of supervising children remains with the parents, or responsible adult caring for the children at the time.

Any children found left on the premises without a guardian will be passed on to the authorities (NSW Police).

**Supervision of children’s parties must be on the basis of 1 adult per every 5 children.


Children must be under 12 years to use the soft-play equipment. Children aged 12 -17 entering the Play land as part of a party will not be allow to use the equipment for safety reasons.


Our entry fees qualify guests for a single play session. No time limits are applied to play sessions. To see pricing please refer to signage at reception.

**Different price rates and conditions apply to our Drop off Service


Nappy changing is not permitted in common areas. A changing room is provided for this purpose and we ask that you make responsible and considerate use of this facility.


The cleanliness of this Playland is of paramount importance to us and a key promise to our guests. We know we are not the biggest a playland in the country, but we certainly aim to be the most fun and the cleanest! If any food or drink is accidentally spilled, please advise us immediately. Whilst our toilets and change rooms are inspected regularly, if you think these facilities need attention, please let us know and we will attend to them.


Children must be dressed to play safely.

Socks must be worn at all times. An extra pair of socks provides added comfort

It is strongly recommended that arms and legs are also covered at all times.

Man-made fibres are not recommended.

Shoes, jewellery, watches, spectacles (unless shatterproof) necklaces, rings, chains, badges, pens, pencils and any sharp objects must be removed before playing.

Clothing with sharp or metal/glass decoration cannot be worn e.g. jeans with metal studs


As we have our own Café facility, guests are not allowed to bring their own food or beverages into the Playland. It is also forbidden for any person, child or adult to eat any foods or chew gum whilst using the equipment.

Only food and drinks purchased from the Carnival Kingdom Café may be consumed in the premises.


Birthday Cakes and

Babies under 12 months who are still weaning. Under this circumstance parents are permitted to bring their own children’s milk and other forms of toddler food. We have for your convenience provided a facility to heat up these foods, but we cannot be responsible for the temperature at which the food is fed to the child.


Despite our biggest design and safety efforts to minimise accidents, no doubt there will be some. All incidents must be reported to our trained staff and details of the incident will be recorded in our register.


Customers park their vehicles in the Carnival Kingdom car park entirely at their own risk. Carnival Kingdom does not accept any responsibility for vehicles or their contents.


We are realistic to the fact that this won’t be easily stopped, but we still require parents to encourage children not to runt whilst in the Playland to minimise the risk of collision with other children.


Crockery, cutlery and glass beverages are strictly limited to the cafe area and are not allowed at any time in the play area.


Our slides are designed to provide thrilling rides and are an important part of our Playland. They are perfectly safe despite their overwhelming appearance. It is, however, important to follow some basic rules:

Children must go down in a forward facing sitting position. They must not push or be pushed by other children.

We recommend that children fold their arms to avoid touching the sides and do not hold hands as persons of varying weights travel at different speeds. On reaching the landing pad, both children and adults should immediately exit the slide area to avoid other people colliding with them.

Under no circumstances should children or adults attempt to climb up any slides from the bottom as they could be hit by other people coming down.


Nut allergies are a serious condition and as such Carnival Kingdom is TOTALLY a nut free environment. Please help us look after our children by not bringing your own food into the centre.


In the unlikely event of an emergency, please follow the instructions of our trained staff.


Children are not permitted to carry matches, fireworks or any combustible material anywhere in the play centre. Smoke sensors are installed in all toilets and communal areas.


Carnival Kingdom Pty Ltd does not accept responsibility or liability for any loss or injury of whatever nature caused through misuse of equipment or lack of supervision by a parent or accompanying responsible adult.


Smoking or drinking alcohol is NOT permitted in any part of Carnival Kingdom. Anyone found smoking or drinking alcohol in the venue will be asked to leave immediately.

No refunds of entry prices will be given.


Carnival Kingdom does not accept responsibility for the loss or damage to any personal articles or possessions. Guests are encouraged to safeguard all personal belongings.


Children who are injured, sick or nauseous are not permitted to use the play facilities. All children should use the toilet before entering the playland.

Contact us

Suite 2, Level 2 Revesby Village Centre

At the Revesby Workers Club

2B Brett St, Revesby, NSW 2212, Australia

Phone: 02 9771 0315

Hours: 9:30 am – 5.00 pm

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